Today i will talk about one of my favorit things ART it is awesome it is so fun so i incurage you to try some ohh and i just want to say sorry for adds i dont know how to take them off so if you know tell me please you can tell mevit the comments so back to art i can show you some of my art if you want if so i will so tell me in the comments so tell me in the comments if you like art to.

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dragons are my favorite mythical creature they can fly but you probably already knew that and thank you BOB for giving me a couple ideas ok well some dragons can breath fire but im not sure if some can actually breath ice or maybe it is a myth well im not sure.

I think dragons used to roam the earth because in the bible it talks about a creature called the leviathan and it said it could breath fire it is also described as a sea serpent or dragon but I think it is a dragon.

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ahhh ha I got an Idea finally it will be OTTERS it ok to start with they are my all time favorite animal cuz they are so cute and smart .  Otters are fun creatures to watch and they are highly intelligent.

Otters consume mainly fish but many people think that they eat plants and berries. They are definitely meat eaters. and some otters when they sleep they hold hands and grab on to kelp .  and they are pretty ferocious when they hunt.  and if you want to give me more ideas just tell me in the comments


and I got some of the info from this website https://www.otter-world.com/facts-about-otters/

River Otter Hunting Fish

gross foods

monkey brains

people eat monkey brains in some parts of china and some people eat it raw

whole sheep’s head

whole sheep’s head is a traditional food in northern Europe people eat it with the eyes and brain!

bee larva

this food is famous in japan and china it is eaten a lot in parties

Duck fetus

it is a duck in its egg and they eat it when they are nerly born

100 year egg

it is a egg that you bury for a long time and then you eat it

top four weirdest sports

heyyyy guys in one of the comments some one said to do one on sports!!!!!!!!  so I decided to do it on weird sports.

  1. Fireball Soccer   this is one very extreme sport that is real it is soccer but  the ball is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2.  Zorbing it is a sport that is where you roll down a hill in a giant hamster ball
  3.  World Gurning Contest it is a contest on who can make  the ugliest face this one is also vary real
  4. there are also many sports that you have to be naked!!!!

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